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Paris Tour – Some Useful Tips

Paris is culturally rich, beautiful and amazing. If you want to visit Paris, you have to do your homework before you pack your bag and leave for Paris. The tips below will help you get ready for the tour.

1. Parisians Are Not Rude

While you may come across some rude Parisians during your stay in the city, but this doesn’t mean Parisians are rude. Most people think that they won’t be treated well in France, but the reality is different. Not all French have hatred for outsiders. The fact of the matter is that the younger generation of Paris love to talk to Americans.

2. Learn a little bit of French

You don’t have to take French classes prior to leaving for France, but learning a couple of commonly used phrases won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Usually, the French admire people who know a little bit of French. Besides, learning a few common French phrases will make it easier for you to communicate with the locals.

3. The Metro

The big map with various lines may sound weird to you, but the Metro is very easier to master. Since it is well connected, you will find that some places are not located near a metro stop. But after a couple of trips, you can find out how to reach any place in the city without any problem.

4. Outfits

What should you wear in Paris? Well, you may want to be comfortable when walking around the city and you can do so wearing casual outfits. Paris is known as the fashion capital and the people in Paris are fond of wearing fashionable outfits. So, you can buy some casual outfits that are commonly worn in Paris. Don’t worry. They won’t be too expensive.

5. The Neighborhoods

Paris consists of 20 neighborhoods, and the city is divided by the popular river known as the Seine River. The neighborhoods are located in a circular pattern. Often, you will hear people mention a certain restaurant or store located in the 12th. Some of the neighborhoods are known as Montmartre, Latin Quarter and Marais.

It is recommended that you get a Paris map as it will make it easier for you to get around and understand where things are located.

6. Not Everything is Expensive in Paris

Just like other cities, Paris also has its share of expensive stuff. However, this doesn’t mean that you will go bankrupt doing shopping over there. You can use a few tips to save money if you are traveling on a budget. For instance, you can eat at cheap restaurants in Paris. Moreover, walking around this beautiful city and watching people won’t cost you a dime.

So, these are 6 tips that you may want to consider when planning your tour of Paris. Hopefully, these tips will make it easier for you to enjoy your tour while saving a good deal of money. Keep in mind that Paris is full of mesmerizing sites but you don’t want to be overcharged due to your unawareness.

8 Best Tips For Solo Travelers

Traveling alone seems to be a pretty daunting thing to do. Ten questions come to your mind. What if you get stranded somewhere? Can you go out alone at night? Won’t it look strange to eat alone in a restaurant?

All these kinds of worries and other things like will I get attacked by thieves? Or what if my car gets stuck in a ditch? Plague the mind of many travelers before they go on their first solo trip. But once you know the benefits of solo traveling all these thoughts will instantly be removed from your mind. Here are 8 best tips for solo travelers that will help you in how to go alone without difficulty.

Plan In Advance – Before you travel, it’s best to do some planning. You don’t need to have a detailed plan, but you should at least know a few basic things like where you will stay? It’s best that you book your hotel before you leave.

Pack Less And Light – It’s always the best idea to pack light so that you can manage your luggage quickly without any assistance. One suitcase, backpack and carry on will suffice your requirement for a one or three week trip.

Try Traveling During Day Hours – I highly recommend that you should plan your arrival during the daytime so that you can find your way easily through an unfamiliar city.

Mingle With Others – When you are travelling alone, it’s a good idea to mingle with the other travellers. The lounges and common rooms of hotels are a great place to meet new people and make short term friends and get great travel advice.

Connect With Locals – Meet the locals, many cities have free local tour guides, but you can also connect with the locals through different websites and enjoy your vacation in a better way.

Look At The Things Around You – Take your time in observing your surroundings, watch how people interact with each other and how things work in that place. While sitting at a coffee shop, or park or just killing time walking around the city, you can learn how to pay your bill whether at the table or counter or how to hail a cab, etc.

Open Up – Honestly, speaking I know traveling alone seems to be pretty scary, you can get insecure easily and get all your defenses on, but that’s not the right approach its, best to talk to strangers, smile and start a conversation. Be curious and ask questions that seem important.

Enjoy Yourself As Much As You Can – Go out in evenings, go to different bars and pubs and grab a seat at the bar. Go to local drama shows or concerts, do everything that you want to do and enjoy your solo trip as much as you can.

The Most Fascinating Highlights of London

Hosting a large number of remarkable sites, several tourists who travel to England would begin their trip by spending some time in London. today we would be highlighting some of the most remarkable sites of London.

Big Ben

One of the popular landmarks of London, the famous Big Ben Clock started indicating the time for the people for the first time in 1856. Big Ben was in fact named after Benjamin Holt, a famous Welsh civil engineer and politician who acted as the First Commissioner of Works in Great Britain at the time. He also supervised the process of the construction of the famous Big Ben, commonly included in various tours to England.

Big Ben weighs more than 12 tons and it was positioned on top of the Tower of London. This wonderful structure is considered to be the most famous time measurement tool in the whole world. Travelers who come from all over the globe to enjoy their vacations in England would surely pay Big Ben a visit. Big Ben is actually startling being 320 feet in height. The larger hand of the clock is 14 feet in length, while the shorter hand is around 9 feet. Big Ben is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List of sites.

The British Museum

The British Museum is one of the largest and most important museums of human history and heritage in the whole world. The museum hosts more than 13 million displays from all the regions and the continents around the globe. The museum welcomes hundreds of tourists who visit England every day.

Among the most interesting sections of the British Museum of London is the department specified for displaying the exhibits of the Middle East. Since Great Britain occupied a large section of Africa and Asia, the museum has quite a remarkable collection of displays from Egypt and Sudan including some notable ancient pieces.

The Piccadilly Square

The Piccadilly Square is among the most popular in London. No traveler who tour England would ever pass the chance to explore this old square. Established in 1819, the square today hosts many stores, shops, markets, cinemas, and theatres. This is in addition to huge screens, two large fountains, and many cafes and restaurants. Reaching the square is easy via public transportation and like the metro and the buses of London.

Buckingham Palace

One of the most remarkable historical sites of London, the Buckingham Palace was established in 1703 to later become the residence of the royal family of Great Britain. Today, the palace is considered among the most popular touristic sites that grab the attention of thousands of travelers who spend their holidays in England.

With its charming architectural elements and layouts, the palace has more than 775 rooms, 52 royal chambers, 188 rooms specified for the employees of the palace, and more than 90 offices. There are certain sections in palace that tourists who spend their vacations in England are allowed to enter.

London Eye

London Eye was established in 1951 with the celebration of the Britain Festival. This huge wheel is 135 meters in height and has a diameter of 120 meters. London Eye allows tourists who enjoy their trips in England to view all the most wonderful highlights of the city while sitting in one of the 32 cabins of the wheel that revolves slowly around its axis.

Travel Tips for a Vacation in Greece

Are you among those voyagers who enjoy more outdoor sightseeing than exploring the fancy museums, tasting some of the fresh dishes than trying out the same menu at global food chains and visiting refreshing places with much more to share than landmarks great for selfies? If you share the same taste as mentioned above and seeking a perfect vacation to suit your desires in the Europe, then exploring the astounding cities of Greece will be a great experience of your life. A thriving nation nestled on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, pleasing thousands of voyagers every year with its simplicity and extremely gorgeous diversity, Greece is among the most desired, affordable and enjoyable destinations in the entire Europe. So, if you desire to experience these delights first hand and looking forward for a visit to Greece for the first time, following are the steps that will ensure a much more enjoyable, budget and memorable getaway in Greece:

1. Finalizing your Travel Plans

The first most important thing about planning a vacation for not only Greece, but for any other destination would be to booking your flights. A return flight that suits your dates, give you the finest experience and hassle-free transit is the key to enjoy any destination at its best. But, before you proceed to approach your travel agent for final bookings, ensure all the document formalities including visa and passport are clear and complete well in advance. Pick dates that are not too close or not so far away and do not clash with any big event or weather conditions. Greece is a prominent getaway destination in the Europe and peak season will bring your budget into a bigger trouble. So, either get your flights booked well in advance, or pick the time when you can find less crowd at all places.

2. Getting your Accommodation Booked

Finding an accommodation that can suit your requirements and budget in Greece can be a tricky business. The budget of getting a decent accommodation in Greece is entirely based on your requirements combined with the area in which you are searching a hotel. If you are traveling solo and willing to stay low on luxury, then getting a hostel room will keep your budget well in shape. Also, most of the islands of Greece are quite expensive and finding a suit or hotel room can put a big hole in your savings. The cost of average hostel room with amenities like Wi-Fi, private bathroom, breakfast (occasional), television, fridge and more can go between EUR 15-30 per day in cities like Athens.

3. All about Transport and Food

Being an archipelago country with loads of beaches within its territory, it is highly likely that you will have to use the ferries to explore it more. The cost of ferry rides can go up to EUR 30-50 per trip during the peak season and may reduce if you are traveling during the shoulder months. It is highly advised to prepare your itinerary well in advance and get your ferry ride booked online months before to get some extra discount. Greek gourmet is a heavenly delight to have and if you are on the mainland, you can have large portions at reasonable prices. However, if you are voyaging across the famous islands, get ready to be ripped-off during the season as a fancy meal on the islands is really expensive and you will regret the taste once you try similar dishes on the mainland.

4. Do’s

Greece is an ancient country and lush with an abundant variety of archaeological sites from different eras with different characteristics. Exploring these iconic landmarks is a must no matter what. However, if you are planning to witness the real beauty and tradition of Greece, heading towards the remote towns and villages will give you a perfect exposure of pure and untouched culture of Greece. While you are voyaging by road across the Greece, using public transport is the best idea. Also, shopping by using cards may cost you more, so it is advised to ask the shopkeeper about any discount if you pay cash.

5. Don’ts

Since most of the islands of Greece are considered to be the finest for enjoying a honeymoon, the islands are quite expensive to have a stay or a couple of meals. Try to keep your itinerary in a way so that you can spend more time exploring these islands and less on stays. Places like Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Paros, iOS and more are the fanciest places with high rates of food, stays and activities. Taking cabs or rental cars for long journey can put a big burden on your pocket as the cost of fuel as well as tolls can cost you a fortune. If you are traveling locally and have plans to discover as much places as possible, avoid local transport options as the routes may confuse you and take a lot more time in city traffic; instead, take a moped on rent and explore the local streets for food, shopping and other activities in mainland cities.

How Vacation Rentals Save Money on a Beach Trip

As the warmer weather approaches, thoughts quickly turn to spring and summer vacations. Beach trips can make a memorable and fun event for any family, but they can be pricey as well. Fortunately, vacation rentals can make a trip much more affordable. The following are some tips to keep the price down while on a beach vacation.

Pack Meals Ahead of Time

One great benefit of vacation rentals is that many are equipped with a full kitchen. This provides a way for families to easily prepare and eat their meals in-house rather than going out. Beach restaurants can be very expensive, especially during peak seasons. They can also be very crowded, with hour-long wait times in many cases. Instead of dealing with the hassle of restaurants, stop by a local grocery store before getting to the destination and pick up everything needed to make a few easy meals.

To save even further, bring some things from the pantry or freezer at home. This is especially helpful for those who can drive to the destination. Bring items like condiments for sandwiches, salt and pepper shakers, snacks, or anything else that the family may need on the trip. If the freezer is stocked with meats or frozen meals, bring those along too, as many vacation rentals have grills that families can use for a nice barbecue meal.

Share with Multiple Families

Another way to save on a beach vacation is to share a condo or rental house with more than one family. Most of these homes are very spacious, and many offer three or more bedrooms. Planning a group trip with additional families can really drive down the cost of the condo.

Find Free Entertainment

Many beachside attractions attempt to draw people in, but these can often be very expensive. Instead of spending half of the budget on activities, find some forms of free entertainment that the family can enjoy.

The beach itself is an obvious attraction that can take up hours of the day. Pack a small cooler with drinks and snacks and spend all day soaking up the sun and playing in the waves.

If everyone gets tired of being at the beach, go inside, watch a DVD from home, and eat popcorn. It may also be a good idea to bring along the family video game console to enjoy at night. Just keep these activities to a minimum in order to fully enjoy the time spent together.

For an inexpensive option outside of the house, check out any museums that may be in the area. Many offer free admission or reduced prices for children, and you never know what local history you might discover!

Taking a family beach trip can be a wonderful time, and it does not have to break the bank. Vacation rentals offer many amenities that make them very affordable lodging options.

How To Pick The Right Luxury Condo For A Multi-Family Ski Vacation

Choosing the right luxury condo for a family ski vacation can be a tough task even for the well-versed traveling family. When you decide to up the ante and have multiple families travel together, the difficulty factors grows immensely, quickly making what should be a fun time planning a family getaway into an arduous task. Herein lies the quandary because you’re supposed to be at your most ‘chill’ when thinking about a vacation, yet your stress levels are starting to rise.

Take notes from travel experts around the world that say that finding the right ‘home-base’ for a multi-family ski vacation simply takes a few general steps you would take even if you were only planning for a single family jaunt. The key is planning ahead and understanding the nature of compromise.

The first step in finding the right luxe setting for your getaway is finding out when everyone can actually travel. The idea of a big vacation is exciting, and plans can get big & adventurous, but if everyone has to travel at different times of year, it is just not going to happen. It is also important for families involved to have multiple options to travel. Only having a “it’s this or nothing” approach to setting travel plans with others is not a good way to make plans, but it certainly is not a great way to create camaraderie and goodwill. Perhaps the biggest reason for having a few options as to when to travel is cost. If you would like to ski, you need snow. Good skiing snow can be available in parts of the country (and world) for a large portion of the year. Traveling during an off-peak season can be a major way to save big bucks.

Next, get together the decision makers in the families involved and find out what type of amenities are being requested by everyone. Not every family is the same, and since you all have to share a space, it’s good to know everyone is comfortable with their surroundings. One other reason to consider amenities that satisfy a number of needs for multiple families is that it helps with researching resorts. The advent of the internet has allowed interested parties to casually look over what ski resorts have to offer their guests. Luxury condos have the added pizzazz of being able to cater to the finer needs of their guests. As a vacation planner, knowing who has what in conjunction with a finalized amenity list can make researching luxury condos way easier.

Finally, any vacation planning must involve one final pivotal step to ensure everything is in order — call to verify and finalize all of the details before you head out. In this day and age of digital interaction with online forms, it is incredibly easy to enter info & click away to your heart’s content regarding the details of your stay. Sometimes, though, technology has a way of letting us know that it can sometimes fail, and nothing beats the satisfying confirmation of a human voice letting you know that everything is ready to go. All of the families set to travel can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they just need to pack & dream of the wonder that awaits them.

Truth be told, choosing a luxury condo for multiple families looking for a skiing getaway involves a few more steps, but the reason these simple steps are of importance is that they are often forgotten or only slightly of consequence. Taking the time to think ahead in the simplest ways is pivotal to making your multi-family ski getaway a rousing success.

Smart Ways To Keep Your Travel Money Safe

“Stop him! He stole my purse!”

The above is a powerful sentence that needs no further explanation. The risk of getting robbed has become a part of daily life, we at some point in our lives have been mugged or know someone who can recall a similar incident while he/she was visiting an XYZ tourist spot. We all make big plans for the perfect summer getaway, we all love travelling and exploring new landmarks and tourist attractions, but only a handful of us understand the implications of being in a foreign land. Don’t be fooled by those misleading colorful and tempting tourism brochures; they will never warn you about the rising street crimes in their area and be sure you have an impending risk when the hotels in the area take no responsibility for theft or loss of luggage. In straight words, you are on your own when it comes to safeguarding your precious valuables and money on the go. We have compiled a handy checklist all the travelers should follow before they head out

1) Money Pouch – When on the go, it is important that you keep as little cash as possible with you to avoid the situation of being stranded penniless in a foreign country. Keep your passport, tickets and a small stash of money in a small pouch and wear it around your neck or make a small zip pocket on the inside of your jeans. The bag will remain concealed under your clothes, and whenever you are in need of cash, you can go to a private corner and take out as much as necessary. For more convenience one can use zipper bags that hangs inside your jeans from the belt loop. When in need of cash they can yanked up and then stuffed back inside without any hassle.

2) Limit Cash, Use Credit Card – Having credit cards of two different networks helps you a lot when you hit the road. If one gets stolen or misplaced the other one can always come in handy. If by chance you get mugged and your credit card is among the stolen items then call your credit card company and ask to get your card blocked immediately to prevent any unidentified transactions being charged on your card.

3) Use Bank ATM’s – We would like to advise our readers to not use ATM’s at all while travelling but I know most of us will not be able to comply. The best alternative would be to stay clear of any roadside ATM’s that are poorly lit or in an empty corner. Instead, use the ones that are near or inside the bank to ensure your safety. Never count your cash or open your wallet while standing next to an ATM. Never allow any unknown person to stand next to you while you punch in your pin. Lastly always carry a second wallet with business cards and spare change and if you get trapped in a situation then throw that purse on the ground and run in opposite direction.

5 Easy and Fun Things To Do With Kids in Red River, New Mexico

Traveling with kids is not easy, and anyone that tells you different is lying. Still, you have to wonder about anyone who finds themselves so prepared to travel with their children. Usually, the difficulties arise when parents do not have enough activities for the kids. This can get especially bad when you’re leaving for a vacation with the whole family. It’s just not possible to carry all of the things you think you’ll need to keep the kids entertained.

Here’s where Red River, New Mexico saves the day. This beautiful mountain town is known for its great temperate weather, amazing mountain landscapes, friendly locals, and being a veritable playground for the whole family. Here are five things that are a must if you’ve got the kids in tow and running through Red River, NM:

1. Pit Stop & Go Kart City – It’s all about fun on the track. Indulge in the ultimate kid-friendly food like corn dogs, Philly cheese, and cheese sticks. The best part is that it’s easy clean-up, so “win-win” for mom!

2. Bobcat Pass and Wilderness Adventures – Take a guided ATV or horseback tour, and check out the awesomeness of Carson National Forest & the Old Red River Pass.

3. Red River Community House – RRCH is all about the community coming together, including visitors. There are no strangers here, and community activities make fast friends between people.

4. Hidden Treasure Aerial Park – Have “an aerial high five experience” at this family-friendly park. The park promotes activities aimed to get the whole family fir and moving around. Courses are broken into levels of difficulty, with the grand finale bringing about a little something that they like to call the Ultimate Decent!

5. Red River Ski & Summer Area – Let Enchanted Circle, an eighty-three mile loop, and Wheeler’s Peak serve as the backdrop to this family fun bonanza that has activities throughout the year.

Red River, New Mexico is a town that is seemingly made for families traveling with children. This quaint mountain town wants families to enjoy being together and enjoy the beauty of the town and the majesty of the Rockies. Traveling in this part of the world means returning to nature, exploring the rugged terrain that made expansion by early settlers so awe-inspiring.

As mentioned at the start, when you travel with kids, you can’t possibly remember to bring everything your kids may want to entertain themselves. That said, traveling to Red River, New Mexico may be the way for them to find solace in the world just outside the bright screen of their mobile devices.

Which Tour Is Best For You?

Tours are a great way to experience dream destinations. If you are one of those folks who enjoy travel but hate to plan everything yourself and would like to have others plan and show you around, a tour company is the solution. With so many tours available to choose among, how do you ensure that you pick the right one? No matter which tour company you go with, it is important to do your research.

Here are few factors to consider in selecting a tour that is best for you:

Length of tour

Tours can range in length from a couple of hours to several weeks, sometimes even longer. Be sure to pick the right tour length to suit your travel style and time available. Some tour companies arrange everything for you, including what you will do and how long you will stay in each destination, as well as attend to all the details for accommodations and transportation.

Pace of tour

As a senior traveler, you need to consider the pace of the tour. Do you prefer or can your health allow you to have a tour jam-packed with sightseeing and activities all day long with no free time to rest in between? Or do you prefer to do one or two activities in depth per day with ample free time for resting and enjoying a local beverage?

Size and age of tour group

The size of the tour group can affect your enjoyment. A big tour group is best if you wish to stay anonymous. A small group, however, allows you to be more intimate and sociable.

You should also consider the age of the group tour. Would you rather join a tour with a group of senior citizens or twenty-somethings? As you might expect, the focus differs depending on the age of the group.


When you evaluate a tour, cost is an important factor. Pay attention to any extras you may need to pay. Most tour companies include customer feedback on their websites – look around and see what previous tour members have to say.

Tour Policies

Take the time to read tour policies published on tour company websites. They enable you learn about its practices, the “dos and don’ts,” and refund policy. This information may help you select the best tour for you.

Online Reviews

Most tour companies include customer feedback on their websites – look around and see what previous tour customers have to say. This will help you get a feel for the type of travelers on the tour, the places they visit, the standard of accommodation, and so forth. Plus, reading others’ reviews will help put you in the mood for travel. Bon voyage!